Birthday Parties
At Culinary Kids, no two parties are ever alike! Our energetic instructor will lead you through a 1½ hour customizable event that includes a main course, dessert, and activities. Choose your preferences to create the party of your child's dreams!
If school is out, Culinary Kids is in! Our day camp adventures serve children ages 5 – 12. We guide kids as they cook their own meals, perform wild science experiments, enjoy indoor and outdoor games and exercises, make crafts, enjoy our gardens, feed our chickens, and meet guest visitors! We offer one-day camps throughout the year and week-long, full-day sessions for spring and summer breaks. 
Field Trips
Culinary Kids offers field trips for students of all ages and in all subjects, starting in pre-school and continuing all the way through high school. We pride ourselves on having a diverse array of programming: whether you're looking to join us in our facility to whip up something delicious and educational, or you're hoping that we'll bring the experience to your classroom (in person or through videochat), we can make it happen!
Parents' Night Out
What kid doesn't want a fun and food-filled movie night with their friends? Drop off kids five and up for this monthly, three hour pajama party! While you're off living it up or watching Netflix on the couch, your kids will be watching a movie and whipping up a dinner and dessert, both of which are related to the show. BYOP: bring your own pillows and pajamas!
Cooking Classes

Does your child spend their free time pulling ingredients out of the pantry? Do they beg to watch Chopped Jr., and try to make all the recipes on their own? Do they know their way around the kitchen like the back of their hand? Then your child might be the perfect candidate for our Culinary Kids Advanced Cooking Class! With the guidance of Culinary Kids staff, students of ages ten and up will learn under the instruction of home cooks, restaurateurs, and a professional chef! Students will practice professional food preparation and master detailed skills and techniques used by certified chefs.

Special Needs Cooking Classes
Culinary Kids is a place where all people can come together and learn, grow, and create. To ensure this, we keep para-professionals on staff, our building is ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible, and our programs can be modified to accommodate any dietary, physical, or other restrictions. Whether you're hoping to customize a field trip, sign up for cooking class, or schedule a birthday party, we're happy to help! For more information or to offer your ideas on other community needs that we could fulfill, please call us at (985) 727-5553, or email us at!
Scout Programs
Culinary Kids is proud to be your one-stop spot for badge requirements! We offer a variety of exciting programs for boy and girl scouts, all of which follow current national handbook guidelines. Upon completing one of our programs, each scout is badge-ready! 
Homeschool and Playgroups
Bring the kids in for an age-appropriate, custom-designed cooking and kitchen science experience! Our skilled instructors can create an immersive, hands-on program to fit curriculum topics of your choice. Explore various cultures and foods while incorporating kitchen science experiments. We can accommodate anything from a one-time trip to weekly or monthly visits tailored to your program. Our curriculum explores science, math, language skills and more while using cooking as our focal point! Contact us for more information.

Program length: 1-2 hours
Fees start at $16/student (cost varies based on selected menu)
20 students minimum

Customized Events
Do you have something special to celebrate or a creative idea to gather people to gather in the kitchen for a fun experience? If you have a special idea, whether it's a specifically themed birthday party or an out-of-the-box team building event or something we've never even imagined, contact us! Together, we can cook up something unique.

Cost varies according to menu, contact us with requests.