Corporate Teambuilding

Our Culinary Connections teambuilding program is a fun and effective way to bring your team together to bond over food! Throughout the experience, groups learn more about each other through food preparation, cooking and dining together.

The objective of this team building program is to use food preparation and the gourmet meal that is produced, as an active and powerful metaphor. Groups will experience all the components of a functioning team, bond together and get to know each other in a unique, relaxed and social environment outside of the work place. Despite the social nature of the event, true teambuilding skills are being developed as groups problem solve, delegate and encourage each other throughout the process.

A typical experience begins with participants arriving and wondering if they are here for a demonstration or cooking class. The group is quickly divided into their teams (determined by your staff before the start of the event with lists provided). Some may get to help select the music style of the event, setting the tone of a fun, relaxed environment.

They are handed an apron and asked to wash their hands in preparation and each team will settle in at a prep table covered with a cloth to hide the ingredients for now. Our lead Chef will then begin with a brief but important orientation of the program that includes safety lessons and basic knife skills.

Each team chooses an “Executive Chef” and is presented with their team’s culinary challenge as the cloth is removed and ingredients are revealed. They must cook a dish with each ingredient found on their table to serve a tasting portion to the ENTIRE group of guests. Each table of participants must decide as a team if they will follow the recipe presented in a sealed envelope OR if they would like to go it alone and create freely with no recipe to follow.

Now the fun begins as the teams begin creating their culinary masterpieces! The food preparation process lasts for approximately 1 ½ hours. Teams must plate a single dish for presentation and then present the rest buffet-style for all guests to sample. If you desire an added element of friendly competition (some businesses come with pre-made trophies and prizes!) our chef will then judge each dish for presentation, flavor and creativity!

An added 30 minutes allows time for the group to share and enjoy their meals. (Should your business want to extend the time for a meeting or anything else, we can accommodate with our wifi and audio/visual supplies).

We conclude with a short debrief which is designed to bring the team process back to the work place. Not all ingredients are palatable on their own...some must be cooked with others to change their flavors and enhance the meal. An interactive, enjoyable process like this will anchor that concept and create bonded memories that bring your employees together over food and fun!

Please note: Team members (or your business) are asked to provide beverages. Alcohol is permitted for guests over the age of 21. Only water and tea will be provided at the event. Guests are welcome to bring in any beverages they prefer.

$60 per person (plus tax)