Bachelorette parties and bridal showers

The perfect celebration for your "I do" crew!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
The countdown is on: it's almost time for the big day, and everyone wants the
last hurrah. Culinary Kids is the perfect place for you and your crew to come together and connect. But our parties are unique: sipping champagne and gossiping still occur, but you're also in fierce competition. Participants work in teams to best their competitors in a Chopped-style battle, creating the most delicious meal possible. Whether you're a culinary whiz or you have trouble boiling water, never fear! Each team receives support from a professional chef. Let your creative side out, whip up a delicious meal, and have a great time with your loved ones! Of course, we know this is a party, so bring the beverages and we'll bring the ingredients. Together, we'll cook up a celebration customized just for you! 

Dietary restrictions are ALWAYS respected and can be accommodated with advanced notice.
Read "Chopped Challenge" for a more in-depth explanation of a classic Chopped competition.

Bridal Showers
Whether you're looking for a classic shower full of petit-fours and gift registries or you want a more individualized celebration, we've got you covered. A Culinary Kids shower is truly special because it introduces friendly competition with a few spins on our staple Chopped challenge. Guests are divided into teams (which you're welcome to predetermine, or which we can assign randomly) and compete to make the best meal. We bring in a professional chef who offers assistance, but we know that the bride-to-be has the final say, so she judges which group wins. If you would like extra time to open gifts or socialize, we're happy to accommodate, so reach out and we'll create the perfect party for you!

Dietary restrictions are ALWAYS respected and can be accommodated with advanced notice.
Read "Chopped Challenge" for a more in-depth explanation of a classic Chopped competition.

Chopped Challenge
A typical Chopped experience begins with the division of participants into teams. Everyone receives an apron, washes their hands, and settles in at a prep table with secret, hidden ingredients. After a brief orientation led by a professional chef, things get interesting!

The cloth is removed, the secret ingredients are revealed, and the adventure begins! Each team must cook a dish with every ingredient found on their table, which will later be tasted by all of the guests. They can follow a provided recipe, or, if they're feeling bold, they can go it alone, creating something all their own. 

After they decide which path they'll take, groups have about an hour and a half to prepare their meal. Each team plates a single dish for presentation, presenting the rest buffet-style for all guests to sample, and the guest of honor will judge each dish for presentation, flavor, and creativity. For the final thirty minutes, groups enjoy their shared meals and complete any customized events. One of the best things about cooking in our facility is that you don't have to clean up the mess! We say our goodbyes, and an exciting day comes to a close.

NOTE: In our Bridal Showers, participants make gourmet appetizers and desserts. 

 Fees: $60 per person, plus tax
Program length: 2 hours
(985) 727-5553 / 
Reservations based on availability

Extended rental of space for meeting use: AV equipment, WiFi, Airplay ($150/hr, includes host)
Minimum 20 participants required, maximum 30 + based on event and menu selection

Tea and water provided, but all other beverages are guest responsibility
Alcoholic beverages are permitted for guests over the age of 21
Please drink responsibly, arrange for safe transportation.

Reservation Policies:
Due to the complex nature of preparing the proper amount of fresh ingredients and accommodating a personalized experience, we ask guests to respect to the following policies:

  • Reservations are based on availability. Events are offered throughout the week for either day or evening times. We open on Sunday afternoons for showers as well.
  • Deposit / Cancellation Policy: Due to the size and complex nature of event preparation and detailed program structure, a 50% deposit is required to secure the event (calculated based on number of participants reserved). The spaces and ingredients are held for participants, and extensive planning is dedicated to each event to provide the best quality, in-depth program possible.
  • Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, but advanced notification (48 hours or more) is absolutely REQUIRED. *(Possible added fees may be applied to cover cost of specialty ingredients).
  • Fees: $60 per person plus tax (as required by the state). Total cost is based on the final confirmed number of participants. Final number of participants must be confirmed the week prior to your event. We cannot accommodate last-minute add-on participants. All supplies are purchased in advance, therefore, refunds cannot be offered for confirmed participants that do not attend. Final balance is due at the time of service and must be provided as a single payment. Each participant must sign a waiver upon entry.
  • Party hosts are welcome to come early to decorate as they like. Hosts are welcome to bring cake, drinks and other snacks as desired.
  • Beverages are NOT included and are the responsibility of the group. Any beverages and beverage supplies should be provided by the group, not Culinary Connections/Culinary Kids (our selection is limited to ice water and tea only, we encourage you to bring whatever else you might like). Alcoholic beverages are permitted – please drink responsibly and arrange for safe transportation.