Professional Educators and Chefs are ready to personalize your program!

What do we do?

We bring children, adults and families together in our creative, educational setting to learn and practice the art of cooking. We live in a culture of food...socializing and bonding over meals, exploring our creativity and sharing our heritage through recipes celebrated for generations.

We offer children's programs such as Birthday Parties, Field Trips, Cooking Classes, Camps, Special Needs Classes, and even one-stop Scout Badge programs!

Grown ups can join in the fun with Adult Corks & Cooking Classes featuring local chefs, Chopped Challenge Team Building Events for businesses, and we even host Bridal and Baby Showers and other customized celebrations!

We cater to restrictive diets, personalize events and even develop menus and activities to compliment local school curriculum.

Why do we do it?

We help improve people’s lives one meal at a time! Bringing people together in our kitchen reinforces practical life skills. Guiding guests through food preparation expands skills sets, broadens the palette and encourages creativity and healthy choices.

Our younger guests practice good manners, kitchen safety, and the real-life application of general math, science and reasoning skills. Our students feel proud when completing a meal, building self-confidence and expanding their creativity in a supportive environment. Our space is designed like your kitchen at home, allowing kids to easily apply what they learn here and put it into practice there…even down to doing the dishes!

We encourage people to bring their new-found expertise home to their families, sharing their skills at mealtime, enjoying quality time together creating memories and NEW recipes that can be handed down for generations to come!

Who are we?

Director Sherri Hansen brings over 20 years of youth education and program development experience to Mandeville. After serving with the San Diego Zoo, YMCA of Virginia Beach, and building and creating a Boys and Girls Club in Washington State, she applies her skills and professional expertise here in our community. Throughout military relocations, her focus remained on the mentorship of children. As a mother of four young boys, she serves both her own family and over 10,000 more families per year in St. Tammany Parish and surrounding areas!