Summer Camp - June 11 - 15 / Mad Science!

Week 3 - Mad Science

   July 11 – 15:  Mad Science  


Will an egg float in salt water? What about sugar, or baking soda? Turn an egg into a bouncy ball, make kitchen quicksand, explode sodas and mints (which one works the best?). Oozy volcanoes, exploding marshmallows, fizzy lemonade, invisible ink, and growing gummy bears all included in this wacky week of mad kitchen science! We play with our foodand get to EAT the EXPERIMENTS! Kids get to create the perfect stuffed pancakes, figure which kind melts the best for mac and cheese, and watch the science behind the double boiler for chocolate dipped strawberries! Sure to be a delicious mess!

Hours: 9 am – 3 pm, (8-5 extended care available)

Ages 5 -13, divided into peer groups

Weekly rates include all meals and drinks $295/wk ($75 ext care)

Single Day rates available, $75/day ONLY during the last 2 weeks of summer.



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